Transportation in Baltics and Scandinavia

In addition to daily traffic between Estonia and Finland we also transport goods all over Baltic states and Scandinavia.

All shapes and sizes

We are transporting both partial and full loads to all Baltic states and most countries in Scandinavia. Do not hesitate to contact us when you are interested in

  • transport to/from Latvia
  • transport to/from Lithuania
  • transport to/from Finland
  • transport to/from Sweden
  • transport to/from Norway

Dangerous goods

Turn to us when you need to transport goods that are classified as dangerous goods in marine or road traffic. Our drivers have necessary certification and the trucks are suitable for this kind of transportation. Excluding only fuels and explosives.

Safety is guaranteed

Your goods are covered by CMR insurance throughout the journey. If needed we can provide full insurance in good terms.


Project cargo and special solutions

Due to variety of our fleet we are able to provide solutions that differ from standard. Project cargo to Europe, express deliveries for small parcels etc. Contact us and we will find a solution.


Everything is under control

Delays and confusion are more common the more parties are involved in the supply chain. i.e. Distribution centers, different forwarding agents etc. To avoid this kind of confusion we in Navaka manage the full supply chain by ourselves from start to finish. In addition all our trucks are equipped with GPS trackers. That enables us  to know:

  • when your cargo was shipped;
  • where it is located any given moment;
  • when will it arrive in destination.

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