Local transport

We distribute your parcels with different sizes locally – all over Estonia as often as you need.

Regular traffic

We have daily distribution rounds in Tallinn and areas close to Tallinn.  And in addition weekly rounds to other bigger city’s in Estonia.


Special solutions

If needed we can deliver your cargo in any place in Estonia.


All shapes and sizes

Because our versatile fleet we are able to deliver all kinds of parcels and bigger shipments. If the big trucks can’t make it we can deliver with smaller cargo vehicles that have tailgate lifts.


Dangerous Goods

Turn to us if you need to ship goods  that are classified as dangerous goods in road transport or shipping. Our drivers have necessary qualifications and our trucks meet the qualifications. (excl. explosives and fuels)


Did you know?

Delays and confusion are more common the more parties are involved in the supply chain. i.e. Distribution centers, different forwarding agents etc. To avoid this kind of confusion we in Navaka manage the full supply chain by ourselves from start to finish. In addition all our trucks are equipped with GPS trackers. That enables us  to know:

  • when your cargo was shipped;
  • where it is located any given moment;
  • when will it arrive in destination.

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